Edge Hill Faculty of Health

The new Faculty of Health appears, from the front, to be a two storey building, however a third storey is set below the fall of the land thus diminishing the impact of the 6,900m2 of accommodation. The all glass façade reflects the light of the lake and its smooth curves form an elegant enclosure to the three blocks of teaching space all benefiting from natural light, ventilation and panoramic views across the lake

To reduce running costs and carbon footprint the design incorporates a number of low carbon technologies, including: ground source heat pump for heating and cooling, surplus heat used to pre warm hot water, solar hot water, night cooling, high insulation levels and user friendly BMS controlled natural ventilation.

The 850 seat lecture theatre is designed to maximize flexibility. Acoustic walls allow the space to be divided into three separate teaching spaces for either 200 or 400 students. The space can also be fully opened into a single space for large gatherings such as graduation ceremonies. A central light well allows natural light to fully penetrate the space.