The site was formerly associated with the adjacent reservoirs and some buildings still exist from that era including the stone cottage at 107 St Helens Road and the former Pump House.

Planning approval was obtained for the construction of seven new build dwellings, the refurbishment, conversion and extension to the former Pump House to a single dwelling and a Lawful Development Certificate for the single storey refurbishment and extension to the existing stone cottage.

The Pump House and the residential use of the Stone Cottage form a centre piece of the new development. The Pump House, as the most prominent building on the site, has been refurbished and converted to a single dwelling, the design objective being to create modern accommodation within the shell of the building. This is achieved by introducing intermediate floors in the tower and a mezzanine floor in the main part of the building.

The cast iron water tank has been retained and refurbished and used for accommodation; the north side of the tank has been removed and replaced with fully glazed bi-folding doors to allow views over the reservoirs and countryside beyond.